Getting Freekeh!

Freekeh .jpg

I want to shine some light on this low profile grain that flies under the radar, Freekeh (free-kah). Freekeh is an ancient super-grain with powerful health benefits. It's green wheat that has been harvested before the wheat has completely developed, like sprouts, freekeh is packed with a number of nutrients supporting it's growth. 

Freekeh is very high in protein and fibre compared to other commonly used grains. It can provide roughly 20%-30% of you daily value of protein depending on the serving size. Freekeh is full of vitamins, specifically vitamin Bs and minerals such as calcium, iron, magnesium, zinc etc. Also with it's low glycemic index it's also thought to help with blood sugar regulation. To learn more about the glycemic index there is a very technical paper in The American Journal of Clinical Nutrition which provides a very detailed list of foods and their associated glycemic index value. Click here to see paper. I stumbled upon a website that does a good job at explaining glycemic index and more importantly the glycemic load. Click here for website. 

I buy Freekeh at Bulk Barn. It's usually with the other grains like quinoa etc. If you can't find it, take a closer look.  Speaking from experience asking the staff if they sell "Freaky" doesn't always go over smoothly.