Juice vs. Smoothie



Don't get me wrong I love the odd juice here and there. Also, many people don't like the bitter after taste of blended greens and I've found that juicing them really helps. If that is the only way to get your greens than juice away, but in my books, smoothies are where it's at when it comes to drinking your fruits and veggies.

Why? because juice strips the fruits and veggies of their nutritious fibre causing the sugars to be quickly absorbed causing a spike in blood sugar levels. The lack of fibre leaves you feeling hungry.  When making a smoothie you keep all those good fibres.  The fibre in the smoothie takes longer to digest allowing your body to slowly absorb the natural sugars and keep your blood sugar levels stable. The fibre also helps keep you fuller longer. 


Another reason I am reason I prefer smoothies over fresh juice is the waste that come with juicing. I always feel guilty throwing away the heaping pile of good fibre and nutritious pulp from the fruits and veggies that are leftover after making a delicious green juice!

Screen Shot 2017-05-07 at 3.44.56 PM.png


BUT, if you are going to juice I have the solution for you! Save your pulp and press it into ice cube trays, add a little bit of water and freeze! Once frozen, place in a reusable bag in the freezer! Next time you go make a smoothie add a 'juice pulp cube' or two!! You will get all the extra nutrients and fibre which will help slow absorption, help maintain blood sugar levels and keep you fuller longer. 

No more guilt!