Peanut Butter Coffee

I put a new spin on the trendy Butter Coffee...Peanut Butter Coffee!!

Butter Coffee is a new trend sweeping the health world. It is made by mixing coffee, butter and a derivative of coconut oil (called MCT oil or brain octane oil) then blending it in a blender which make some rich coffee and beautiful foam. It's also suppose to fill you up, accelerate calorie burning and give you energy from fat. It is also thought to slow the absorption of caffeine preventing a caffeine crash afterwards.

I don't have any MCT oil (coconut oil derivative) and to be honest I am still skeptical about putting butter in my coffee so I made my own version of Butter Coffee that I am calling Peanut Butter Coffer using peanut butter, coconut butter (coconut butter not oil), cinnamon, and almond milk.


I have always loved the taste of pb, toast and coffee so way not skip the toast. It was so delicious and so frothy! 

Try it out!!

Peanut Butter Coffee 


My favourite products to use: 

Kicking Horse Coffee

kickass coffee.jpeg

Homemade All Natural Peanut Butter- Recipe coming soon