Boosted Oats

This is one of my favourite go-to breakfasts.I am a huge fan of oats, as you can probably tell from my Instagram account.  Here is the standard recipe I use when making oats. I always try to give my oats a little boost with some of my favourite seed, nuts and fruit. You can get creative with your topping so that it never gets old! 

I like to prep it the night before so I just heat and eat in the morning. I have even brought my prepped boosted oats to work and just added boiling water (let it sit) and ate it. 

Avoid the artificial and "natural" flavours, the preservatives and hidden sugars. Make it yourself. Making your own flavoured oatmeal allows you to know what is going into your breakfast- real whole foods! 


Boosted Oats

Ps. It takes less than 10 mins as it says above (5 min prep and 5 min cook), but the plug in I use for my recipes doesn't have a shorter prep and cook time option!

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