REAL PEEL TIP #10- Remember Himalayan salt is still SALT

I say "REAL PEEL TIP #9- Substitute table salt for pink Himalayan salt." with caution.

If you are a salt lover this is for you. The substitution from table salt to pink Himalayan salt is a good swap for people who often use/add salt to meals/ recipes because it will provide additional minerals. That being said it doesn't make sodium, the primary component of Himalayan salt, any better for you. Sodium is sodium regardless of the other minerals found in the fancy salt. Longterm excess sodium intake can cause a number of health effects such as heart disease, hypertension and high blood pressure.

Take away message: If you don't use salt there is no need to start adding Himalayan salt to your meals. The additional minerals in pink Himalayan salt can be found in other healthy delicious foods.